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Kuderna-Danish, storage, stopcock, PTFE Kuderna-Danish, storage, stopcock, PTFE
With top 45/40 outer joint and a bottom inner joint. Please order plastic clip separately. (not supplied)
From €121.20 *
Kuderna-Danish, flask Kuderna-Danish, flask
Top joint is a 24/29 outer while the lower joint is a 19/26 inner. Please order plastic clip separately. (not supplied)
€29.85 *
Kuderna-Danish, Snyder distillation column Kuderna-Danish, Snyder distillation column
For use with Kuderna-Danish flask.
€36.45 *
Kuderna-Danish, concentrator tube, graduated Kuderna-Danish, concentrator tube, graduated
Graduated concentrator tubes for use with Kuderna-Danish evaporative set-ups. Tube can be stoppered for storage. Overall height is 100mm for 10mL, and 170mm for the 25mL.
From €16.55 * €18.30 *